Robert N. Wilkey, Esq. — Another Defeat For Medical Residents Where Court Holds No Fiduciary Relationship Between Resident and Program Director

As Daniel Scwartz is reporting, a recent Connecticut appellate Court decision has held that no fiduciary relationship exists between a medical resident and a program director, again exacerbating and making tenuous the employer-employee relationship between a health care provider and medical resident, and again adding uncertainty to the substantive employment rights of medical residents.


Robert N. Wilkey, Esq. – Sen. Grassley Investigates FDA’s Whistleblower Monitoring Activities

The Washington Post is reporting¬† Sen. Chuck Grassley’s investigation of the FDA’s whistle-blower monitoring activities.

Robert N. Wilkey, Esq – China’s Latest Tainted Milk Debacle May Lend Itself Towards Product Liability Measures

The China Daily is reporting issues involving the Mengniu Group’s tainted milk products containing the carcinogenic aflatoxin, an issue that is raising substantial domestic support for stronger product liability measures and oversight.

Robert N. Wilkey, Esq. – Nurses Plan Mass Strike in California Seeking Labor Reform

The LATimes is reporting a state-wide nursing strike, seeking in part labor reform for concerns over “insufficient staff” to meet minimum safety standards.

Robert N. Wilkey, Esq. — ACGME Medical Resident Survey, Means for Employment Reform

The ACGME 2011-2012 survey has commenced, allowing medical residents and fellows a unique opportunity to provide substantive feedback regarding working conditions, quality of life, and other employment related issues.

Robert N. Wilkey, Esq – Chevron’s Massive Utah Oil Spill Lends Itself to Re-Introduction of Trout

Article in the Salt Lake Tribune highlights Utah’s Wild-Life Efforts to re-introduce trout into the Red Butte creek following Chevron’s massive oil spill which released approximately 33,600 gallons of crude into the waterways.¬†¬† Chevron experienced a similar spill in the area that resulted in a release of 21,000 gallons.

Robert N. Wilkey — Lee Goldsmith’s Article “How Law Ignores Medicine” Highlights the Lack of Due Process for Medical Residents With Respect to Employment Issues

Lee S. Goldsmith in an article entitled “How Law Ignores Medicine” discusses how medical residents within the employment context lack significant substantive and procedural rights.